Kelly and Tamara with Oh Lardy

Kelly and Tamara with Oh Lardy

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This month you may be really focused on supporting your family’s immune systems and cleaning your home with non-toxic cleaners. I know we have been washing hands like crazy around here. I am so glad that I have products in our home that not only keep us clean, but also toxin-free. We have been flooding our bodies with antioxidants by taking our daily Ningxia shot and we have been supporting our body systems with various essential oils. Thieves in the diffuser #alldayeveryday!! When you get any of these starter kits this month, we will give you $25 CASH BACK as well as access to our Oily Living Lifestyle group on Facebook. We can’t wait to have you as part of our community over there!

Location: Available Online
Discount: $25 CASH BACK when anyone purchases a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living

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