Our Visit to Family Friendly Bearizona and The Grand Canyon in Arizona

Looking to escape the heat with the kids?! Think about Bearizona!

Approximately 2.5 hours from the Valley, this amazing experience to see some beautiful wildlife from the comfort of your own car awaits. Located in Williams, Bearizona has bears, wolves, bison, and so much more. Once you are done the drive-through zoo which is much like Jurassic Park, minus the T-Rex and Raptors, you can enjoy the small village of food, beer, and more animals to view. When we visited it was in the middle of the COVID 19 restrictions so many exhibits and features were closed.  The staff seemed to be very knowledgeable and super passionate about the animals and their wellbeing.  We spent a total of about 2.5 hours at the park between driving, walking, snacking, and sipping brews.  I do not see spending more than 3-4 hours there max once the facility is fully open being possible. That being said if you are troopers for road trips and wheel time, then a single day trip is totally possible.  If you are looking to break the trip up and maybe stay up north its conveniently located about 30-1hr from Flagstaff, Sedona, Snowbowl and Grand Canyon. There are also many scenic routes you can drive between these destinations if you and the family like winding roads.

Here is a map of the locations mentioned above: Click Here


By: Mathew Lambert, Follow us on Facebook: Team EvoAZ

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