Being a BizNOW bizMOM member gives you access to these awesome benefits!

bizNOW member benefits

1.     Be able to be a part of a network of like-minded business-owning momma’s and their families as they not only support each other through their business-owning journeys but in how to navigate and balance both their business and personal lives as an ever growing entrepreneurs! This networking group actually uses each other’s products and services providing consistently genuine referrals based on their experiences with one another. Members never stop looking for opportunities to share each other’s businesses and for additional ways to create interpersonal relationships with one another. Members openly share both life and business experience and are continuously collaborating together. We’re building lasting relationships that are taking our businesses to the next level!

2.    Be able to plug into and post your own in-person, fully virtual, and or hybrid
events (both) in any of the MOMnation® Facebook groups (Either MOMnation®USA or
one or more of the state specific groups), in our bizMOM Networking By
MOMnation® group (,
or in the bizNOW USA networking group itself, that supports general business
discussions, networking, education and collaboration!

3.     Be able to come on for one-on-one interviews, either on our 60 minute From The
Heart podcast (Syndicated to all the popular podcast platforms -with audio- but
these are also featured in the same places that our 30 minute Live and Learns
are – with video and audio – they are another great one-on-one opportunity
available where you teach our audiences! Both are posted in the MOMnation® fan
page, all state groups and our YouTube Channel!

4.    Be able to host/teach your own events in-person, fully online, live or hybrid
events in the state facebook groups (with approval).

5.    Be able to promote your business via the bizMOM Monday weekly post in the MOMnation
facebook groups.

6.    Be able to advertise on (with

7.    Be able to post savings, deals, coupons and specials via the Savings Sunday post
in the facebook groups.

8.    Sponsor or enter items into the monthly trivia available in our newsletter (bizMOM
members that donate are given special perks and features for further exposure)

9.    Submit content for review to be posted on the blog at (with

10. Be able to participate in and self promote with sponsorships and vendor tables at
various events such as the MOMnationMarket, the Prom for Parents, Find your
soul MOM Speed Dating and many other various events.

11.   Sponsorship swag bag opportunities for events like the Prom for Parents and Find your soul
MOM Speed Dating.

12.  Be able to submit a non-profit or charity organization for consideration to be our
monthly charitable donation recipient.

13.  Be able to share IG posts on our MOMnation IG with approval.

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