Five reasons to take Goodwill’s “1 in 7 Challenge”

Summer is fast approaching and while it may be tempting to splurge big time on a new, vacation-ready wardrobe, you may want to think twice before you toss your old duds in the trash.  The average American discards about 68 pounds of used clothing every year, so if you’re one of them, at least you’re not alone!


However, all that trash has to wind up somewhere, and that somewhere is in our landfills. Taking up space and decomposing at a snail’s pace. But fret not! There are simple, actionable steps you can take to cut down on waste and better care for the environment.


That’s where Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona comes in.  The nonprofit recently rolled out its #AreYouWearingGoodwill campaign, which is not only a call to action, but a movement inspiring Arizonans to be more conscious about the actionable steps they can take to easily build a better world.


One of the many ways they can do that is by accepting Goodwill’s Fashion Challenge, and wear one reclaimed outfit every week. This step alone can save a billion pounds from entering Arizona landfills.  That’s right. BILLION, with a “B.”


Here are four more reasons to try this challenge on for size:


  • 92 million tons of textile waste arrive in the Earth’s landfills or are incinerated each year
  • 85 percent of all textiles call landfills their final homes
  • Apparel can take up to 50 years to decompose, while plastics and metals can take hundreds of years
  • In 2020, Goodwill diverted 200 million pounds of waste from clogging Arizona landfills.


As one of the oldest nonprofit agencies in Arizona, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona has always had a passion for sustainability, reuse and recycling. They resell those no-longer-needed items and turn them into much-needed career development, training and education services at no cost to anyone in the community.


What they can’t resell, they recycle at their Retail Operations Center in Phoenix. Clothing, accessories, housewares, books, and DVDs are available for sale by the pound at their Goodwill Clearance Center.  They also have a new online platform,


To learn more, find a store near you or make a donation, visit:




Courtney Nelson
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
Goodwill Central and Northern Arizona.





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