Speed Dating Event for Moms to Find Their “Soul Mom”


On Friday, Mar. 30, from 6:30-10 p.m. 30 women will meet at Boulders on Southern for a speed dating event. But, instead of searching for a romantic connection, they’re looking for a fellow, local mom to connect with and befriend. Or, their “soul mom,” as MOMnation, the Phoenix moms group and organizer of the event, describes it.  


East Valley mom Nadia Schanze attended a past speed dating event put on by the group. She says that finding a mom friend is “trickier than I ever considered dating to possibly find a husband.” She explains that you have to find compatibility with a partner through asking questions, but “as a mom, you have to ask the same questions and ‘what ages of kids do you have?’”


And, just like dating, moms that have attended the event in the past say their emotions and confidence can be a rollercoaster ride.


Terese Dallas, an Ahwatukee mom of a 14-month-old admits,I tried a new lipstick that was a complete fail! I was super self-conscious of it but also didn’t want to be the lady in the bathroom fixing her makeup. I just have to laugh about that now.” Mesa mom, Jen Duncan says “I worry if I will say the wrong things or if people will think I’m corny. Or what if you don’t jive well then see them at another event?”


But, they all agree it’s an amazing way to recharge their social batteries and meet new friends. “I broke out of my shell and really dove into meeting new moms. I was so glad when I sat down with a mom who was just as excited as I was to be out and eating hot food that wasn’t a hot dog or fast food,” Schanze says.


Of course, the social awkwardness is worth it when you find “the one.” For Jen Duncan and Allison Rodgers, attendees of the very first speed-dating event, they were lucky enough to do just that.


“Allison is from Long Island and I’m from Jersey. She gives me some grief about being a Jersey girl, but we hit it off right away,” Duncan says. “I truly believe I did meet my mom soulmate, especially since not only did we get along so well, but so do our daughters who are around the same age,” Rodgers says.


In this “and they lived happily ever after” tale, the two Phoenix Valley moms now live in the same neighborhood — Southeast Mesa’s Eastmark community.


MOMnation leader, Katie Lambert says, It can be really hard to find the time and the courage to make deep connections with other women that are dealing with the same things you are as a mom among the other hats we wear as women. This event is a great ice breaker and encourages bonds that last a lifetime which also makes attending all the other events on our calendar much easier for the shy mom.”


This is the third time the Phoenix moms group has organized this event, and they’ve sold out the past two events. The upcoming event is priced at $16 and includes appetizers. For more information, visit the Eventbrite page.

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  • I️ would love more info for your next event.

  • So AWESOME! Finding moms just anywhere to “date” is tough. Love the idea of finding a “soul mate” to help navigate mom life. It’s tough and lonely at times. We aren’t meant to do it all alone! What a great support system.

    Lindsay Anderson

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