Try These Frugal Self-Care Strategies for Nursing Moms

Let’s be real: Breastfeeding takes a lot out of moms. And yet, tons of mamas make the sacrifice because they know there are countless benefits to nursing their babies from birth on up. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make things easier, and you don’t need expensive gear or a full night’s sleep to implement these strategies! Read on for four frugal self-care strategies courtesy of MOMnation.

Feed the Hunger

Nursing moms often find that they’re ravenous for the duration of their baby’s breastfeeding months or years. In reality, you may even find that you’re starving every time you sit down for a nursing session. Of course, your hunger means your body is working hard at making milk and needs a bit of a boost. In fact, the CDC suggests an extra 450 to 500 calories per day for moms who are nursing.

To ensure that you never go without while your baby is nursing, make some simple snacks to keep on hand. For example, no-bake lactation cookies with nutrient-dense oats, flaxseed, and brewer’s yeast are nutrient-dense and can even help boost your milk supply.

Dress the Part

Part of the reason why breastfeeding gets exhausting is because of all the wardrobe changes that are involved. From access issues to milk leaks, you might be changing (or removing) your shirt and nursing bra multiple times per day. Without proper nursing attire and other comfy staples, you may not feel like the miraculous nursing mama you truly are.

To dress the part, invest in staples like an underwire-free nursing bra, forgiving yet flattering leggings, and cozy pajamas you can wear to bed (and all day, too). Choosing stretchy clothing also means you can take a few minutes for a restorative yoga practice — another self-care pit stop that doesn’t take much time or money.

Break the Rules

While feeding your baby is the priority, it’s perfectly acceptable to let other things slip to the wayside. Especially for moms of multiple children, balancing all of the demands at home with feeding your nursling can easily become overwhelming.

By breaking your own household rules and taking a more relaxed approach to your days, you might find that you feel less stressed. As Yoga Journal elaborates, mindfulness is a handy self-care trick for moms, and this is one move that doesn’t take much effort (or any cash) to implement.

Learn the Ropes

For new moms just starting out with breastfeeding, you may have tons of questions and concerns. From how much your baby is eating to how often they should be at the breast, there’s a lot to learn. While every mom-baby duo is different, it can help to consult with an expert lactation consultant and strategize ways to make your nursing journey easier. A lactation consultant can provide guidance on nursing positions, check your baby for specific breastfeeding barriers, offer tools to ease discomfort or pain, and just talk you through tough moments. Plus, your insurance may cover a lactation appointment, depending on the provider.

Postpartum problems are also fairly common. Remember that this does not reflect on you as a mother in any way, so don’t be afraid to speak up and seek help. Consider teletherapy if you’re pressed for time and/or still concerned about health threats.

Welcoming a new baby and starting your parenting journey — whether for the first time or any other — is thrilling yet grounding. Your baby depends on you for sustenance, connection, and more. Yet, balance is essential — meaning that self-care needs to be part of your postpartum strategy. But by nourishing your body, ensuring that you’re comfy, relaxing household rules, and getting the help you need, you’ll be a pro in no time.

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By: Jenna Sherman


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