What you need to know about the local measures on the November ballot

We’re all very, very aware of the November election. But it’s more than the presidential election. There’s a lot of local issues that affect us here in Arizona, city-by-city that are vital to consider.
We’re by no means telling you how to vote, but we are encouraging you to vote the full ballot, from president all the way down to the general obligation bond your city is asking you to consider.

Here’s a quick reference guide for measures across the East Valley:

  • Mesa: The Mesa Moves Bond Question is an infrastructure investment question for voters to decide if they want to invest in making regional roadway improvements, arterial road reconstruction and bike and pedestrian pathways.
  • Queen Creek: There are no local ballot questions in Queen Creek.
  • Gilbert: Mayoral election

Participating in local elections helps make the changes you’re passionate about happen. Local government voting results typically prove to make impacts and changes quicker than state or federal ballot issues because local municipalities are more nimble.

In Arizona, the voter registration deadline is Monday, October 5, 2020, and takes only two minutes to complete: https://my.arizona.vote/PortalList.aspx

Standing in line on November 3 with your kids may not sound like a great way to show your civic pride—that’s okay! Mail-in ballots can be requested until October 23, 2020, allowing you to complete your ballot and simply drop it back in your mailbox at your convenience. You still get the “I VOTED” sticker if you choose to do mail in voting. 😉

By voting the full ballot, you can be sure that you’re having a direct say in the policies and funding that will directly impact your family’s life on a local level in the coming months and years.


by: Amy McConnell

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